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    Face Exercises

    It is well-known that regular exercise improves the muscle tone of your body and helps your figure to keep in good sh...

    Age: 18 and upTime: 4 minutes - 15 minutesPersons: 1 and up

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    Get a spa treatment

    Visit a health spa and indulging in the many treatments is not only relaxing, but healthy too.

    Age: 18 and upTime: 3 hours - 9 hoursPersons: 1 and up

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    Release tension and energize with a small ball

    Self massage for releasing tension and getting energy with reflexology points

    Age: 15 and upTime: 1 minutes - 5 minutesPersons: 1 - 1

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    Drink some water

    Not drinking water (dehydration) makes us feel tired and sluggish.

    Age: 0 - 100Time: 1 minutes - 5 minutesPersons: 1 and up

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    Take a walk

    Healthy and simple

    Age: 9 and upTime: 20 minutes - 4 hoursPersons: 1 and up