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    Volunteer at the local animal shelter

    Volunteering at the animal shelter is one way to extend your help to the community.

    Age: 16 and upTime: 5 hours - 10 hoursPersons: 1 and up

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    Take someone’s dog for a walk

    Age: 18 and upTime: 45 minutes - 3 hoursPersons: 1 - 3

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    Neighborhood cleanup

    Age: 11 and upTime: 1 hours - 1 daysPersons: 5 and up

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    Organize a Field Day

    Get together to celebrate, compete, cooperate, exercise, and have a great time.

    Age: 18 and upTime: 1 weeks and up minutesPersons: 1 and up

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    Perform for kids in Hospitals

    Help kids in hospital to have fun

    Age: 12 and upTime: 3 hours and up minutesPersons: 1 - 6

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    Organize a charity concert

    Organize a concert, show or gala featuring musicians, comedians, or other performers that is held for a charitable pu...

    Age: 18 and upTime: 5 days - 6 weeksPersons: 1 - 8

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    Film a Documentary

    Fun, engaging, exciting, challenging.

    Age: 16 and upTime: 4 hours and up minutesPersons: 1 and up

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    Start a Neighborhood Watch

    A helpful way to reduce violence, bullying, and crime in an area.

    Age: 22 and upTime: 2 hours and up minutesPersons: 1 and up

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    Join a nonprofit organization

    Get organized to make the world a better place

    Age: 16 and upTime: 3 hours - 2 daysPersons: 1 - 5

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    Get passionate about a cause

    Get involved in a cause and spend time on it, instead of just thinking about it.

    Age: 14 and upTime: 1 hours and up minutesPersons: 1 and up