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Also known as Quarter kill

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by Jen (36 points)

Fun exciting and scary circle game

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    How to do this

    1. One person is selected from the group.
    2. The other players form a circle.
    3. Place a flashlight covered by the cloth in the middle of the ring.
    4. Turn of the lights except from the flashlight.
    5. Make sure that all the players can see each others eyes.
    6. All the players except the selected one close their eyes and put their hands behind their backs.
    7. The selected one places the coin in the hand of one of the players.
    8. Everyone now open their eyes.
    9. The person with the coin tries to kill the others bye blinking at them.
    10. If the other players get blinked at they have to fall dead on the ground.
    11. The other players try to guess who the "killer" is. 
    12. If they guess wrong they also die.
    13. The game continues until the killer is identified or everyone is dead.
    14. The one that got the coin now places it in some one elses hands and the next round is on.

    Stuff needed to do this

    A coin, a flash light and a cloth to cover the flashlight.

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