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Name six nouns with a time limit

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    You get to improve your attention and talking skills

    How to do this

    1. Sit in a circle with one person in the middle (A).
    2. 'A' closes his or her eyes and an object is passed around around the circle until 'A' says Stop.
    3. Whoever has the object is 'B'.
    4. 'A' then gives 'B' a random letter, such as P.
    5. The object is passed around again and 'B' must think of 6 nouns that begin with P before the object comes back around to 'B'.
    6. If 'B' fails to do this he or she has to sit in the middle. If 'B' succeed then the object is passed around again to an new person and the next round begins.
    7. Continue the game until you get tired or for example one person has failed the task 3 times.
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