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Build a 1000mw burning blue laser torch

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by Krizz (23 points)

Learn how to build a blue powerful laser.



    No more videos.


    You can easily pop balloons, lighten matches etc. Black colors will have the laser beam to be absorbed easier and thus making the object exposed to heat.

    How to prepare this

    1. Make sure you use laser safety goggles that blocks wavelength from 190nm to 532nm.
    2. Lasers over 500mw (0,5w) requires license to bear.

    Risks and unwanted side affects

    Looking into the beam will damage your eyes.It is illegal to point at humans,animals,traffic and airplanes.

    Stuff needed to do this

    1. Jayrob flashlight.
    2. Flexdrive 1000mA.
    3. Aixiz module.
    4. Aixiz 405nm/445nm AR coated lens.
    5. 1W 445nm blue laser diode
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