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Build a snow cave

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User profile image Added Friday, March 11, 2011
by Krizz (23 points)



How to do this

  1. Find a big snowdrift.
  2. Make an entrance on the side of the drift where the wind is not blowing.
  3. Have the entrance to be built lower than where you lie.
  4. Build burrow into the drift so that the main area of the cave is 1 foot higher than the ground of the entrance, creating a heat trap.
  5. Get a stick and make a ventilation in the roof.
  6. Dig small grooves for moisture to go away.
  7. Put out a flag, or other visible objects so people know someone is in there and to train for a future scenario where you need rescuing. A sign can also prevent the snow bulldozer to bulldoze your hideout.
  8. Close the entrance with a door of snow to block out the wind.
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