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Hide the stone in the crowd

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User profile image Added Saturday, March 26, 2011
by Tom LePage (59 points)

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    How to do this

    1. Divide participants in two teams.
    2. Both teams appoint a leader.
    3. Teams sit opposite each other on the floor.
    4. Leader of one of the teams hides a small stone under one of the persons in the team.
    5. The leader back and forth pretending to place the stone under each of the team members so that the other team does not know which person the stone is under.
    6. The leader of the opposite team then tries to guess where the stone is.
    7. If guessed correctly the leader has the privilege of hiding the stone.
    8. If the guess is wrong a person from the guessing team goes over to the other team, which again has the oppportunity to hide the stone.
    9. The game continues until there is just the leader and one more left on one of the teams.
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