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Also known as Badmington

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    No more videos.

    How to decide if this is something for you

    Fast reaction time and good eye hand coordination is important.

    How to do this

    1. Toss a coin. The player winning the toss chooses between serving or receiving first.
    2. Always start service from the right side and serve to the diagonal service box. Serve underhand only.
    3. Count scored points only on your serve.
    4. Gain control of the serve by winning the point when your opponent is serving.
    5. Hit the shuttle over the net, trying to land it on your opponent's court to score a point.
    6. Score a point also when your opponent hits the shuttle out of your court, into the net, hits the shuttle with his body or clothing, or hits it before it crossed the net.
    7. Win the game by scoring 15 points first.
    8. Play a match based on the best two out of three.

    Typically involves

    1. Strokes such as Overheads forehand and backhand clear, smash, drop, drives, lifts, net shot.
    2. Footwork.
    3. Stamina.
    4. Strategy.
    5. Mental Strength including fast reaction time.

    Stuff needed to do this

    Racquet and a shuttlecock (or shuttle/birdie)

    Places where you can do this activity

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