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Also known as In-line skating

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by Tonje H. (50 points)

In-line skating is great aerobic exercise and a fast way to get around when a bike is too cumbersome.



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    How to prepare this

    Buy skates that fit. Protective gear should also fit well.

    How to do this

    1. Make sure laces are tight.
    2. Wear protective gear such as wrist guards, knee and elbow pads, and helmet.
    3. Practice skating in a flat quiet area.
    4. Lean slightly forward, knees slightly bent. Never back.
    5. To brake, put pressure on the heel. Push the brake skate forward and keep most of your weight on your rear leg. Alternatively you can drag your back foot behind you to slow and stop.
    6. Learn how to properly push off on your skates. Keep one foot pointing straight forward and turn the other foot so that it is pointing outward. Put your weight on the foot that is pointing straight ahead and push forward. As you go forward the second foot lift off. Point the other foot forward switching place with the other foot.

    Risks and unwanted side affects

    Expect lots of bruises in the start.

    Places where you can do this activity

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