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Architect or design your new home

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Get involved in the building process of your next home.



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How to decide if this is something for you

You must like home design and have an eye functional design.

How to prepare this

  1. First start by dreaming of your new home. Spend a lot of time on thinking on what you want with the house. How to add a personal touch to it.
  2. Read magazines about home design and learn the basics of house construction.
  3. Decide on things like location, Eco friendliness, climate, future need for bedrooms etc etc.

How to do this

  1. If you have some computer skills you may use 3d computer software to model the house. If you are not that advanced just draw your house and describe it on paper.
  2. Take your sketches to an architect or building engineer.
  3. Allow the architect to give you suggestions on what would make your design better.

Typically involves

Lots of dreaming and creative work.

Risks and unwanted side affects

You might regret some design decisions if you rush the process.

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