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I Never

Also known as Never have I ever, I've Never, Ten Fingers

User profile image Added Sunday, April 24, 2011
by Rick Stahl (65 points)

Popular verbal party game that typically involves drinking.



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    Reveal interesting things about the participants and help build friendships

    How to do this

    1. Each player gathers into a circle and putting up all ten fingers.
    2. The first player says a simple statement starting with "Never have I ever".
    3. Anyone who has done what the first player has not must drink and put down one finger.
    4. Play then continues around the circle, and the next person makes a statement.
    5. The game is finished when any player ends up with all ten fingers down.
    6. There is an alternative form of the game in which the players drink indefinitely.
    7. An additional rule can be that if there is no one taking a drink, then the one who said the particular "I have never..." must themselves take a drink.

    Typically involves


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