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Who's Missing

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by Jessica White (50 points)

A game for children ages kindergarten through 6th grade, often played in the classroom.



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    How to do this

    1. One person close his or her eyes while other children trade seats and one child from the group leaves the room. Alternatively, the person who is supposed to guess leaves the room while another child hides.
    2. Once everyone else is in a seat, the leader will say, "Turn around (or come back in) and see who's missing."
    3. The child will then try to figure out who's missing.
    4. Rules may vary on how many guesses the child gets. After a specified amount of time, the leader will tell the student who it is so the game is not delayed.
    5. The person who left the room is now the guesser, whether the first person guessed right or not, and a new round begins.
    6. Other variations include having two or three students leave the room, especially towards the end of the game, and later having two or three students as guessers.
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