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Also known as skelly, skelsy, skellzies, scully, tops, caps

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by Jessica White (50 points)

Children's game played on the streets of urban areas.



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    How to prepare this

    1. Construct a course of chalk on the sidewalk approximately six feet (2 m) a side.
    2. At each corner and along the edges of the board are drawn 12 smaller squares, called boxes, of about six inches (15 cm) a side each. These boxes are labeled "1" to "12" in a pattern so that the path from one square to the next requires as much as possible crossing through a large center square called the skull or skully (hence the name of the game). Boxes "1" and "2" are in opposite corners of the board, as are "3" and "4".
    3. In the center of the skull, a 13th box is drawn at the same size as the other boxes and is labeled "13". The areas around the 13 box are marked with skulls or numbers, and describe a penalty area where players are not meant to shoot their game pieces, called caps.

    How to do this

    1. Using your fingers you shoot your play piece, usually a bottle cap, through a course constructed of 13 numbered boxes with 13 being the middle box, or skull.
    2. If you make it into the next square, you're allowed another turn.
    3. If you knock an opponent's piece, you may also advance a space.
    4. If a player accidentally lands on the area surrounding "13" (the skull), he or she remains stuck there until freed by another player's shot.
    5. Once you make it to the middle, or final square, you move backward to the beginning in hopes of obliterating all the other pieces along the way, thus being the first to return, and the winner.
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