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Write an article or blog post about your cause

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    No more videos.


    Learn a lot in the process and educate others.

    How to prepare this

    1. Do research using the Internet, the library and conduct interviews. Check citations.
    2. Decide who you are writing for.
    3. Find a good intriguing title.
    4. Think about where you might want to submit your article for publication. For example local or school paper, a blog, a website or self publish as a leaflet etc.

    How to do this

    1. Find old news article, films, documentaries, etc. Ask family and friends what they know about your cause. Set out to verify or disprove these beliefs.
    2. Take pictures.
    3. Start writing early. Include the facts you’ve gathered. Don’t be shy to mention the scary ones because they tend to be the most effective. Add some personal stories and anecdotes to make the story more interesting.
    4. Always spell-check.
    5. Have other people read it who will give you their honest opinions and insight.
    6. End your article with a "More Resources" or references/bibliography section.
    7. Publish your article.
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