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Red Rover

Also known as Bullrush, Forcing the City Gates, Octopus Tag

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by Jessica White (50 points)



    No more videos.

    How to prepare this

    1. Form two teams standing at two lines facing each other about thirty feet apart.

    How to do this

    1. The game starts when the first team calls out, "Red rover, red rover, send [name of player on opposite team] right over."
    2. The person called is to run to the other line and break the other team's chain (formed by the linking of hands).
    3. If the person called fails to break the chain, this player joins the other team. If the player successfully breaks the chain, this player may select either of the two "links" broken by the successful run, and take them to join his or her team. When only one player is left on a team, they also must try and break through a link. If they do not succeed, the opposing team wins. Otherwise, they are able to get a player back for their team.

    Risks and unwanted side affects

    If participants run to fast towards the other team injuries might occur.

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