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by Jessica White (50 points)

Writing a petition is a great way to encourage change or peacefully protest a policy change.



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    How to prepare this

    1. Find out about rules/regulations on making a petition and on what level you want it: local, municipality, national.
    2. Recruit a team to help you, and create a plan that will include a list of high traffic areas you can hit.
    3. Decide if you should go for an online petition.
    4. Beware of privacy concerns. A person who signs a petition is usually required to leave some sort of personal information, to ensure that their signature and their opinion is legitimate. You should make it clear that you will not share information with any third parties.

    How to do this

    1. Identify your target group. Who are the stakeholders.
    2. Write the petition. Describe the situation and state the goal e.g. "The people of Springfield demand a stop to the...."
    3. Find out how many signatures to aim for.
    4. Gather signatures. Your signature page should have some columns that will probably include things like the name, address, phone number and the signature.
    5. Number the pages and make copies.
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