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Have a Party

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    No more videos.


    A lasting impressions by your friends and guests.

    How to decide if this is something for you

    You want to develop your skills in entertaining guests.

    How to prepare this

    1. Write down all the guests of your choice.
    2. Choose the food to be served.
    3. Decide the date, place and time.
    4. The theme of the party.

    How to do this

    1. Send out invitations to your friends, guests and family members. Do try to give plenty of notice.
    2. Place settings for formal dinner parties; dinner service and cutlery.
    3. Linen should be selected properly for the occasion.
    4. Table setting should be considered with utmost care. Setting of glasses and cutlery.
    5. Hire experience servers?
    6. Generous quantity of food for all the guests.

    Typically involves

    1. Planning

    Stuff needed to do this

    1. Menu Books
    2. Notebooks
    3. Planner
    4. Invitation Cards
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