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Chin and Neck Exercise

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by Rick Stahl (65 points)

regular exercise of neck and chin will keep the muscles in your face, neck, and chin firm.



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    Help your face and neck to relax after a stressful day.

    How to decide if this is something for you

    A person needs chin and neck exercise for the benefits of relaxing muscles after a day's work.

    How to prepare this

    1. Determine to do the exercise regularly.

    How to do this

    1. Begin each exercise by sitting up perfectly straight with good posture.
    2. Bend your head forward, stretch your neck muscles. Return to your starting position.
    3. Stretch your neck back with your mouth in a pout, your lower jaw thrust up and out. Straighten up.
    4. Puff out your cheeks and circle with your head and neck, first clockwise and then counter-clockwise.
    5. Repeat the sequence of exercises several times each day.

    Stuff needed to do this

    1. Chair
    2. Mirror (optional)
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