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Egg throwing competition

Also known as long throw

User profile image Added Friday, March 16, 2012
by Roy Lachica (60 points)

See who can throw the longest to each other without breaking the egg



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    How to prepare this

    1. Find and set up a playing field.
    2. Get some raw eggs. The number will depend on the number of players, how long you want to play and how bad you think the players are at throwing.

    How to do this

    1. Divide into teams. Two on each team.
    2. One of the team members will throw and the other will catch the egg.
    3. Players are not allowed to move their feet.
    4. If the egg breaks you get no points. If the egg do not break you get points according to the meters the egg was thrown.
    5. Continue until everyone have thrown one or two times.
    6. The team with the most points wins.

    Stuff needed to do this

    1. Eggs.
    2. Yardstick or something to measure the length of the playing field.
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