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Bake cupcakes and deliver them to neighbors

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by Tom LePage (59 points)

Cooking cupcakes and giving them to your neighbors is a good way to build a friendly community.



    No more videos.


    Get to know your neighbors. Make the local community warmer.

    How to prepare this

    1. Research and develop your cupcake recipe.
    2. Buy the ingredients for making your cupcakes.
    3. Be aware that people may be allergic to the ingredients.

    How to do this

    1. Follow a recipe and make the cupcakes.
    2. Let it cool and put in a paper bag or in basket.
    3. Deliver the cupcakes to your neighbors.
    4. Be friendly and do not expect to get anything in return.

    Typically involves

    Stuff needed to do this

    1. Oven
    2. Cooking ware
    3. Paper baking cups
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