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Iron clothes

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    Ironing removes wrinkles and make garments look tidy and clean.

    How to do this

    1. Wash garments. Let it dry. Start sprinkling with water lightly all over the garments, then roll each carefully and place on a clean cloth.
    2. Let it stand for a half hour.
    3. Iron the sleeves and collar after the body to prevent unnecessary wrinkling.
    4. Press a moist cloth over the parts that are not smooth before passing the iron over them again.
    5. Place the shoulder of the garment over the end of the iron board. Iron carefully as you move the garment around to reach both the front and back shoulder areas.
    6. Slip the garment over the ironing board and iron the waist area. Iron the skirt last. If necessary, press the pleats.
    7. Press embroidery designs on the wrong side.
    8. Put them on hangers or fold the clothes carefully.

    Typically involves

    1. Washing clothes
    2. Ironing

    Stuff needed to do this

    1. Iron board
    2. Iron
    3. Detergents
    4. Hangers
    5. Clean cloth (large size)
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