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Animal tracks

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by Jessica White (50 points)

Locate the fake animals on the animal track

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    How to prepare this

    1. Collect pictures of animals and or stuffed animals. Plan a track/route.
    2. Hang the animals in trees and bushes by using clothespin or safety pins etc.
    3. Hang animals that fly high up and crawling animals close to the ground.
    4. Mark the track with a band, tape, cones on the ground etc.

    How to do this

    1. Tell the children they are going on a field trip and should write down all the animals they can see.
    Another variant can be to try remembering all the animals without writing it down. The game can be played as one team, several teams or as individual players.

    Typically involves

    "Bird spotting"

    Risks and unwanted side affects

    If done in the woods. Make sure no one is lost.

    Stuff needed to do this

    1. Paper cut outs from magazines.
    2. Printer (optional)
    3. Band, tape
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