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Use a telescope to find planets

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User profile image Added Tuesday, December 05, 2006
by Roy Lachica (60 points)

Seeing the planets through a telescopes is a breathtaking sight.



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    How to do this

    1. Set your telescope in a dark area.
    2. Attach a solar lens if you have one.
    3. Find the sun's glare and search the sky around the sun for Mercury.
    4. Look in the sunrise of late February to see the red-orange-colored Mars. While the planet can be faintly seen throughout the year, mid-April and mid-July mark the times when the hues of Mars mix with those of Venus to create an interesting color mix. Venus is best seen around this time, hovering around Mars. In late August you might find Jupiter.
    5. Look near Venus in early March mornings to see Saturn and its rings, which will be the most visible planet in the sky throughout the month.
    •5 Scan the late evening skies of September, away from the sun, to find Uranus, the third-biggest planet in our solar system. •6 Look away from the sun in late August and carefully scan the sky until the bluish hue from Neptune can be seen. Neptune is the fourth-largest planet and the farthest from the sun

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