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Go to a concert

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by Roy Lachica (60 points)



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    How to prepare this

    1. Find a listing of concerts and decide what you want to see and with who.

    How to do this

    1. Tell someone where you are going.
    2. Drink lots of water during the day before going to prevent dehydration.
    3. Eat well before going. The food there is usually limited, expensive or you have to stay in a long line.
    4. Go early if you want a spot close to the stage.
    5. If you get front and center, spread your elbows out along the barrier to secure your spot.
    6. If crowdy, stand with your feet wide apart, because when the crowd pushes, you won't lose your footing as easily.
    7. Avoid pushing.

    Risks and unwanted side affects

    Bring ear plugs in case the music is very load.

    Places where you can do this activity

      No places found.

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