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Butts Up

Also known as Red Butt, Blackjack, Slaughterhouse, Fumble, Butt Ball

User profile image Added Monday, April 25, 2011
by Jessica White (50 points)

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    How to prepare this

    This game has many variations. find one variation that suits you.

    How to do this

    1. The first player, starts the game by throwing the tennis ball at the wall.
    2. After the ball hits the wall and bounces off the ground at least once, any of the players, including the thrower, may then try to catch the ball.
    3. If catcher mishandles the ball and the ball touches the ground, the catcher must try to touch the wall before another player throws the ball against the wall.
    4. If the ball hits the wall before the catcher, the catcher is out. Instead of hitting the wall you have to throw it at the catcher. If the ball is caught before hitting the pavement, the thrower is penalized with one “out”. After three outs a player leaves the game.
    5. If the thrower’s ball bounces before hitting the wall, the thrower must run to the wall and touch the wall before an opponent can pick up the ball and throw it to the wall. If the original thrower doesn’t reach the wall before the ball hits the wall, the original thrower is out. The game continues until all but one player have received three outs.
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