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About loggin in using facebook

BobsDB use facebook as a login provider.

Benefits of using facebook for login

  • You do not have to create yet another user profile.
  • You do not have to remember yet another password.
  • In future versions of BobsDB you will be able to share stuff with your friends on facebook.

Frequently asked questions

  • But I don't have a facebook account?
    Sorry, you will not be able to login and create, comment etc. you can still browse all the activities.
  • Will my friends on facebook be spammed if I log in here?
    No BobsDB will not do things on your behalf without your consent.

More information about OAuth

BobsDB status

This site is currently in Alpha testing. Everything you see on this site might be subject of change. At this moment all data you add can be changed, moved or deleted by us if we decide to change the concept of the site.