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About points

You earn points by creating activities. However there are some rules.

Requirements for receiving points for creating an activity

  • You must have created the activity (not just edited or clicked the publish button).
  • The activity must be published (Not draft mode).
  • It must have a video.
  • The length of one or more fields ("How to do it", "Risks", "Benefits", "Summary", "Typically involves") must be longer than 50 characters long.

Points when collaborating

Other high ranking users with extended permissions might edit your activity. If you created the activity and someone else fill in the required fields you will get the point.

Points may be retracted

  • Inappropriate or bad activities will be deleted by moderators and points you may have earned for these activities will be retracted.
  • The content must be in English and make sense to the regular reader.

What about duplicates or unfinished activities?

If there are two very similar and competing activities then the one with the best content will live on and the other can be deleted. You are allowed to copy someone else's content and improve it to get points. We do however rather encourage you to add suggestions for improvements on existing activities or edit it if you have the required permissions.

Viewing your points

You can view your score on the leaderboard. Please note that your score does not get updated immediately after you have collected a point. The leaderboard and other point indicators only get updated every 5 minutes or so.