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Bobs Kindle contest

BobsDB.com has an ongoing competition. The contest is a social web 2.0 race to create the most activities or places on BobsDB until 31st of December 12PM CET.

Rules of the game

  1. You must be of age 16 or above.
  2. The winner is the one person with the most points at 31st of December 2012, 12PM CET.
  3. Points can be retracted for content not inline with our community guidelines.
  4. Points can be retracted if you rip off copyrighted material or violate licensing rules.

The prize will be sent to the winner before February 1st 2013.

Why the contest

The idea behind the contest is to see how crowd sourcing can be powered by a leaderboard and a small prize.

The BobsDB system is constantly being evolved. We reserve the rights to adjust the rules of the competition to accomodate changes to the system. We might also make adjustments to the rules if we find that users play the system in an unfair way.

BobsDB status

This site is currently in Alpha testing. Everything you see on this site might be subject of change. At this moment all data you add can be changed, moved or deleted by us if we decide to change the concept of the site.