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Community guidelines

These Guidelines are here to help BobsDB.com grow in to a meaningful and healthy online community.

We encourage strong participation and user interaction. Basically you are free to do whatever you like on the site as long as you follow the Terms of use. However there are some actions that we have decided are not in line with the goals of this project.

Please note that BobsDB is for people unfamiliar with an activity. BobsDB is not for experts. Content targeted towards experts, specialists or other trained individuals can be deleted by our moderators.

Content that we encourage users not to add

  • Activities related to computer games.
  • Television related activities.

We believe there are already enough web sites out there that promote TV-programs, movies and video games.

What's forbidden to do on BobsDB.com

  • Use it for commercial purposes, for promoting or for advertising (except from relevant places and organizers). This includes:
    • Creating content with the aim of increasing traffic to a site.
    • Creating multiple or duplicate content with the aim of increasing visibility of content or a link.
    • Adding contact info and website addresses in comments etc. with the aim of increasing traffic to a site.
    • Adding HTML code such as <font size="5"> etc. with the aim of increasing visibility.
  • Add content that encourage unhealthy/addictive substances or behavior such as alcohol usage, smoking and gambling.
  • Add content that encourage unsecure or dangerous behavior.
  • Harass, abuse, impersonate, or intimidate others.
  • Add junk or spam content (What qualifies as spam?)
  • Add content that violates copyright rules.
  • Add content about how to make money.
  • Deliberately and systematically add faulty, illogic, erroneous, misleading content.
  • Misuse of the system with the aim of generating points
  • Use the system for religious or political propaganda.
  • Add content and tags in languages other than the ones supported by the system.
  • Add gossip and rumor.
  • Add content that does not make any sense or have any value. For example 'washing your hair' is an activity that is not very useful.
  • Non English content. (At the time BobsDB have no multilanguage support so we only accept English.)

Users who do not follow these guidelines may be suspended from the service at any time without notice. Any data added by such users might be deleted without notice.

Content we like

Activities that promotes health, happiness or well-being. Activities that does not meet this criteria (in the short or long term) can be deleted.

Guidelines for content

Activities should be fairly general and stand-alone. It should not include a specific place or organizer. An example of a good title is: "Play arcade games". A bad title would be "Play Twilight Zone Pinball at Tommy's bar". Activities that can be considered harmful or addictive will be deleted.