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How to understand activity characteristics

Activity is free. Except from maybe transport etc.
Family friendly
The whole family can do this together. (But not neseccarily with small infants)
Can be done at home
You can do this inside the walls of your home.
Planning required
Planning or organizing is required before doing this activity.
Outdoor activity
You have to do this outside.
Baby friendly
You can take your baby along.
Brain excercise
Activities where you get to use your brain a lot.
Builds knowledge
Activities where you have the chance to learn a lot. Increases your knowledge.
Green activities that does not pollute or cause environmental damages.
Physical excercise
Activities where you get to use your body a lot.
Meet new people
Activities where theres a good chance you'll meet new people.
Good for society
Activities that are good for the society or those around you and make the world a better place.
Equipment needed
You have to use special equipment/clothing etc to do this.This excludes common objects that you find in most homes.
Activities where you get to be creative and create new things.
Extreme and potentially dangerous activities.
Completely safe
Activities that are usually totally safe without any risk of harm.
Activities where history, sophistication, arts, lifstyle, society, ethnicity, aestheticis and things like that are involved.
Requires planning
Planning, preparations or organizing is required before doing this.
Can be done as a competition or usually has a certain degree of competition involved.
Is run or coordinated by an organization.
Requires practise
Hours of practise is required to master this.
Way to earn money
Can be used to save or make money.